Differences between Slider Doors and Stacker Doors

December 12, 2016


If you are remodeling a bedroom, living room, or kitchen, and you are considering adding doors that let more light into the room, then you have no doubt narrowed down your choices between aluminium slider doors and stacker doors. Both of these are excellent choices for brightening up any room in your house, however, there are distinct differences between these that may cater to your personal needs more than the other. To help homeowners make the best decision, here is a simple comparison of the pros and cons between aluminium stacker doors and slider door.

Pros and Cons Between Aluminium Stacker Doors and Slider Doors

Whether you want to bring more light into a room, or you want greater access to a verandah or a back porch, Aluminium slider doors and stacker doors are great options, but there are a few difference between these two that will help you make your final decision.

Aluminium Slider Doors

Pros – Between these two types of doors, aluminium sliding doors are cheaper, wider width available, does not protrude into outside spaces, such as verandas and porches, has a narrow frame width, open and closes in line, and has less moving sections.

Cons – Limits the locations where large panes can be installed, less open space than stacker doors, deep wide tracks, and less view area.

Aluminium Stacker Doors

Pros – Also known as bi-fold doors, these are ideally used for smaller doors from as small as two metre openings, offers more configuration options than sliding doors, literally opens up a room to the outside, allows for an unobstructed view when open, and these are easier to install than sliding doors.

Cons – Protrudes outward when open, more framework and less view when closed, and costs a little more than slider doors.

In summary, aluminium slider doors have a larger glass area for viewing when closed, while stacker doors literally open up a room to the outside, allowing for unobstructed views when opened. If you would like to see what aluminium stacker doors and slider glass doors look like up close, please visit our showroom here at Asset Glass and Aluminium.

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